AC Repair

Living in South Florida your air conditioning unit is one of the most important appliances in your home.  All Time Air Conditioning can take charge of all of your A/C unit repair needs as we offer full services to our clientele.  Your A/C repair is handled with care, by our highly qualified and licensed technicians.  Our technicians are on-site to solve problems and ensure proper materials are always in our trucks so that your AC unit is up and flowing quickly. The services you need are only a phone call away!

Ventilation Cleaning

The technicians of All Time Air Conditioning remove dust, fungus, mites and bacteria from your heating and air conditioning outlets.  This will give you piece of mind that you and your family can live and breathe in a healthier, cleaner place.  Duct sanitation and cleaning is something we do on our installs to wash the ventilation in your place. Having your air ducts cleaned regularly helps Asthma sufferers breathe easier, reduce allergy symptoms, lower utility bills, and overall indoor air quality can be bettered.

AC Installations

Our technicians go above and beyond other companies and even your expectations; in fact, we still go beyond current code requirements for all of our services we provide. We install each system every bit if it was our own.  Now that is done for more than one reason, and yes it does sound awesome!  But truthfully, we want to be known as the company that surpassed your expectations.  We set a system up to run; Not to die. Sometimes the cheapest company sets it up to fail.  We try not to be the most garish but instead, we offer efficient services for your money.

Air Duct Repairs

Duct-work needs to be tight and free of imperfections. All Time Air Conditioning technicians make sure there are no flaws in your duct-work. We will carefully assess the status of your entire duct system and seek out any openings big or small. We’ll provide you with a clear understanding of what’s going on, and a itemized list of any repairs needed to ensure your air ducts are perfect.

AC Tune-Up

Professional technicians from All Time Air Conditioning will perform an 21-point list tune-up to help insure your air conditioner is in peak form.  Clean drain line Clean drain pan Add algaecide tablets Evaluate evaporator coil Clean or replace your filter Balance air flow Tighten fan blades Lubricate all moving parts Check barings Test capacitor & relays Test Freon pressures Add 1lb. of Freon Free*(if needed) Evaluate duct work for cleanliness Measure amperage draws Test safety equipment Evaluate wires, harness & electrical hook-ups Check Temp differential Calibrate Thermostat Maintain heating element Clean electrical connections

Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance on all of the mechanical systems in your home or commercial property. Providing repairs for heating, cooling, and plumbing system, will be prone to unnecessary and untimely breakdowns.  Click here to print our maintenance agreement to save on time and money.

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When you use All Time Air, you will agree this company is dedicated and a hard working family. We are extremely helpful on the phone and the services we provide are personalized to fit your situation. All Time Air Conditioning is not just a name, it is the truth. Contact us today for a no-hassle quote of our full service HVAC offerings.


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